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Frequently Asked Questions – CgoXchange Users

Q: Can I register in multiple portals, i.e. SEA, SFO and LAX?
A: Yes. See Logging Into Multiple Portals.

Q: How do I Add/Delete dashboard links.
A: Step instructions are offered at Adding Deleting Dashboard Links

Q: What are “Favorites”?
A: Favorites are links the system has identified as frequently used.

Q: How do I search CgoXchange’s Library for what I need?
A: Step instructions are offered at Searching the Library.

Q: What air cargo functions are available via CgoXchange.
A: It is the intent to offer every function that is available digitally.

Q: What information is available in CgoXchange?
A: Everything in air cargo that is legal and ethical.

Q: Who is considered by CgoXchange to be an air cargo supplier of information, services or products?
A: Anyone who serves the local air cargo community.

Q: What do I do if I’m being harassed?
A: Report it.

Q: What if an app or link does not match its description?
A: Report it.