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Who Uses CgoXchange?

Anyone, with a few exceptions.

CgoXchange User
Most prefer digital efficiency over paper and phones

CgoXchange welcomes anyone working or interested in the air cargo industry. It is intended to be the fastest, easiest and most thorough process for those seeking air cargo information, services or products in specific markets.

CgoXchange is intended for use within local communities surrounding major airports. CgoXchange strives to be the go to source for all things air cargo within the SEA, SFO and LAX air cargo communities to begin, followed shortly by YVR, ORD, DFW, DTW, YYZ, BOS, JFK, EWR, ATL and MIA.

CgoXchange understands that someone in SIN might be interested in sourcing information, services or products posted in LAX. Accomplishing that simply requires CgoXchange registration as a user in LAX. Other local portals can be used by either editing the users “Home” market or by registering in other local portals using a different email address.

For everyone’s best interests, each user identifies themselves at registration. Users are expected to maintain decorum and respect for other users and suppliers by following the Terms of Use. Motives for use are not questioned.

CgoXchange hopes the local portals are used by a broad variety of people with a myriad of interests and representative of the local air cargo community to which they are a part.