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CgoXchange Registration in 3 Minutes

Registering as a CgoXchange user is fast, easy and free.

Click here for a registration demonstration video.

From www.CgoXchange.com, in the upper right login area click “Create an Account”.

From “Select Market” field, choose the airport area that best represents your home market.


Select the local portal to call “home”

Select the type of user account to establish. Select either “User”, “Supplier” or “Both”.

Select whether you are a User, Supplier or Both


Note: Many of those using air cargo information, services and products also supply air cargo information, services and/or products. Those users are encouraged to register as “Both”. This enables them to toggle between supplier and user functions without having to log out and in.

Complete the fields for email, names, address and telephone contact. CgoXchange needs to know who is using the system. No names or contact information are shared with anyone.

Click the “Submit” button.

Registration confirmation and login credentials are emailed.