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Register as a CgoXchange Supplier in Three Minutes

It is quick and easy to register as a Supplier in CgoXchange

Here is a brief tutorial.  You may also view our brief registration video.

In the upper right hand corner of www.CgoXchange.com is the log in area.  New Suppliers register by clicking Create an Account.

Registration Video

Select a market to be your Home market.  (Suppliers can post apps and links in every market, once registered.)

Select either “Supplier” or “Both”.  (It’s expected that most suppliers of air cargo information, services and products are also users of same.  Most suppliers will consider themselves “Both”.

Register as “Supplier” or “Both”  If users pay to use a supplier’s applications and links, select “Paid Supplier”.  If the apps and links offered by a supplier are free to use, select “Free Supplier”.  There are currently no CgoXchange fees, either way. Complete the remaining supplier registration fields and click “Next”.

Initial login credentials are emailed.