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CgoXchange Suppliers FAQs

mouse and shipments
Supplying locally to the global cargo world

Q: How do I post an app or link?
A: Follow the step by step instructions.

Q: How many apps and links to information can I post on CgoXchange?
A: As many as are relevant and unique.

Q: Are there limits to the number of portals to which I can post my apps or links to information?
A: No. Not as long as the apps and links are relevant to each local portal to which they are posted.

Q: How do I advertise on CgoXchange?
A: We love that question.

Q: How do I deactivate a posting?
A: Follow the step by step instructions.

Q: What types of postings are prohibited?
A: A partial list has been created.


coffee shop
Sundry services
Air cargo user
Anyone with a device

Q: Why does CgoXchange verify my postings?
A: Everyone wants a safe, secure digital environment.

Q: What if my copyright has been infringed?
A: Click here.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Nothing.

Q: What if my app or link is declined by CgoXchange?
A: CgoXchange will contact you with the reason and any possible remedy.

Q: What if my app or link is flagged by users?
A: It will probably be removed by CgoXchange.