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CgoXchange Users Are Diverse

Here are the basic who, what, where and whens for CgoXchange users

Air cargo user
Anyone with a device

Registration – Users register by providing basic contact information.  CgoXchange does not share user information with anyone.

Accounts – Users compliant with the Terms of Use can use their account to log into any local CgoXchange portal.  Accounts are not transferable.

Who – Anyone desiring air cargo information, services or products during their business days should be a CgoXchange user.

What’s available in CgoXchange? – Everything air cargo!

Cost – Free

Terms of Use – There are some basic rules to optimize the experience for users and suppliers of air cargo information, services and products.

Searching the CgoXchange Library – The Library is organized by category and sub-category.  The search experience is similar to that in a public library, without the walking.

FAQs – CgoXchange attempts to publish all frequently asked questions.  It also encourages other questions via Contact Us.