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Suppliers of Air Cargo Information, Services and Products

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Registration – Suppliers register to establish a CgoXchange account.
Click here to register.

Accounts – Each registered supplier in good standing will have an account enabling posting, editing and deleting of applications and links in CgoXchange.

Who – Any party contributing or intending to contribute relevant applications and digital links to information, services or products regularly used during an air cargo business day can become a CgoXchange supplier.

Users go from this......
Users go from this……


To this with one click
To this with one click

Posting – Posting is quick and easy.  Click here for a short video on posting.
The Habit Burger Grill for example, may want to offer CgoXchange users a link to ordering online.  This is easily done by entering the URL, a brief description and an image for easy identification by users.  In a few seconds, the Habit Burger Grill enables CgoXchange users one click access from their dashboards to lunch.

Advertising – Advertising opportunities are available to well-targeted air cargo industry audiences.

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Ground services

FAQs – CgoXchange hopes these frequently asked questions and their answers are helpful.  We also encourage questions via Contact Us.

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