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Who Supplies CgoXchange

CgoXchange Suppliers Are Vast

For the purposes of CgoXchange portals, suppliers are considered to be any entity that supplies information, services or products to the air cargo industry.

Catering trucks in parking lots, refuse removal companies, IATA, TSA, banks, office cleaners, and printers all fit into CgoXchange.

Catering truck

pallets on hand truck
Trade tools

Vehicle service

Here is a partial list of entities that may provide information, services or products to the air cargo industry.

USDA Dry cleaners
Veterinarians Chemical suppliers
Fuel suppliers Computing equipment
Crane Riggers Employment agencies
Office remodelers Lawyers
Restaurants Security companies
Caterers City and County services
Hotels Protective gear
Taxi service Glass repair
Trucking Software and automation providers
Office suppliers USPS
Equipment manufacturers Notaries
Cold storage Public transportation
Facilities maintenance Photographers
Equipment repair Medical clinics
Airlines Insurance companies
Furniture retailers Brokers
Telecommunications companies Real estate
Packers and Craters Banks
Printers Educational services
Cargo guides Air cargo associations
Sanitation service News sources
Fleet leasing Customs
Uniforms Couriers