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What Functions

What Functions Are Available in CgoXchange?

We’re going to find out.

CgoXchange doesn’t intend to produce applications or links to air cargo information, services or products. It simply provides a neutral platform that links users with suppliers in a logical and organized presentation. CgoXchange hopes that everyone involved in air cargo participates either as a user or a supplier or both in their local communities.

CgoXchange encourages all suppliers of information, services and products to continue developing interactive applications and digital content and to post those to any local air cargo portal where they are relevant. We hope users encourage their suppliers to develop applications and publish information accessible via their local, digital air cargo community.

In time, CgoXchange users should be able to instantaneously send pick-up notices to the closest driver in the area. Office supplies will be ordered, lunch will be delivered, cranes will be rented, and dangerous goods regulations will be viewed by CgoXchange users. We cannot imagine all that is possible with CgoXchange. The sky is the limit.