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CgoXchange (pronounced kär-go-‘eks-chanj) is a network of local, digital air cargo portals. It connects users of air cargo related information, services and products with suppliers in appropriate markets.

CgoXchange’s concept has been developed to efficiently deliver digital applications and information to local air cargo communities. The platform has been developed and will be distributed by Sirius Business Solutions, Inc. of Silicon Valley, CA USA. Sirius Business was established in 2003 as a digital marketing agency.

CgoXchange is launching local portals in air cargo markets.  SEA, SFO and LAX will be followed shortly by YVR, ORD, DFW, ATL, YYZ, BOS, JFK, EWR and MIA throughout 2016.

Initial efforts will be to recruit suppliers of air cargo information, services and products to post applications and links into CgoXchange’s library.  Once the database has achieved critical mass, efforts will be redirected toward recruiting users.

CgoXchange is wholly owned and operated by Sirius Business. Sirius Business’ CEO is Craig Ruess, an air cargo industry veteran. Craig has held air cargo management positions with Northwest Airlines and Cathay Pacific, among other carriers.

CgoXchange and Sirius Business welcomes emailed comments and suggestions.