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CgoXchange users to have one click access to favorite products, services and information

CgoXchange (pronounced kär go 'eks chanj) is a network of local, digital air cargo portals. It connects users of air cargo related information, services and products with suppliers in specific markets. CgoXchange features all traditional air cargo applications and links (airlines, forwarders, trucking, handling, customs, etc.) as well as all other digital applications and links used by the air cargo community in their business days.
CgoXchange features applications and links for local restaurants, because lunch is part of the air cargo day. There will also be apps and links for printing, trash removal, equipment repair, packing services, banks and etc. If it gets used by the air cargo community it will be on CgoXchange. CgoXchange encourages members of local communities to post useful links to air cargo resources.  CgoXchange shares these links with other community members.  Everyone benefits.  Please view the two minute video above for concept details.

CgoXchange provides digital access to all online air cargo things

CgoXchange suppliers will have their apps and links featured on unique user dashboards. Users will launch apps and links to the digital resources they use in everyday air cargo life. CgoXchange also makes it easy to source new products, services and information. CgoXchange is an amalgamation of concepts developed by Google, eBay, Facebook, Craigslist and LinkedIn featured in uniquely focused air cargo portals. It is an all inclusive digital air cargo community.Suppliers of air cargo related information, services and products are linked directly to their target audiences. Airlines will add links to tracking apps, forwarders will add links to information about special handling abilities, truckers will add links to LTL booking apps, food trucks will offer links to schedules, suppliers of lot labels will feature links to ordering apps, restaurants will add links to their daily “specials” and others will provide links to any air cargo product, service or information that can be accessed digitally.

Why CgoXchange?

CgoXchange is a network of neutral, local air cargo portals enabling users to quickly and easily connect with information, services or products they seek. Local air cargo markets sharing these neutral portals can be expected to migrate more rapidly into e-freight, whatever that is to become. The industry’s efforts to digitize documents and movement records have struggled in a very complicated environment. CgoXchange’s simple neutral platform will serve all users, regardless of their current level of digital evolution. Air cargo can begin singing from same page. CgoXchange is being launched by Sirius Business Solutions, Inc., a digital marketing company with air cargo experience. Sirius Business Solutions is based in Silicon Valley, California, USA.

It all happens in North America during 2015

CgoXchange launches in Seattle (SEA), San Francisco (SFO) and Los Angeles (LAX) by first reaching out to suppliers of information, services and products to post digital links to their information, service or products relevant to those air cargo markets. CgoXchange becomes available for supplier postings March, 2015. Users of air cargo information, services and products as well as suppliers for other North American air cargo markets will be invited to participate throughout 2015.